This diploma is the result of the commitment of Adham Azim via the University of Buffalo and his application for endodontics: Endolit. The partnership between us and Adham Azim is part of the idea of ​​promoting a high level endodontics for full-time exercise, attesting to a real expertise in endodontics, and in France. This tandem is based on the foundations we share: Excellence, Dignity and Service. We promote knowledges that allows the exercise of a critical and human spirit.

Program Director and Faculty – University of Buffalo: Adham Azim, BDS
Program Director – French part: Sarah Attal Stym Popper
Adham Azim

Adham Azim

Diplomate of the American Board of Endodontics; Director of the Post-Graduate Endodontic Program; Director - Division of Endodontics; Clinical Assistant Professor Department of Periodontics and Endodontics

Sarah Attal Stym Popper

Sarah Attal Stym Popper

Endosophy director. MSc, DDS. Ex Hospitalo University chief resident in endodontics. University Diploma of endodontolgy. Paris VII.

This diploma is provided through :

  • An e-learning plateform and the Endolit application. From there, an entire library is open, live classes, a complete access to the American way of thinking endodontics. This part is exclusively delivered in English.
  • A based teaching In France: Endosophy deliver works shop, tutorials, seminars on specific topics. We frame the classic literature reviews and the current one. This part is delivered in French.

The course welcomes a maximum of 15 students per year. The students have to fulfil an application file. This is a two-year continuing education that starts in January and ends in January.

The diploma is made in France by Endosophy and delivered by the University of Buffalo, New York State. It is an American International diploma.

However, it does not allow the exercise of endodontics in the United States.


Please send your application file to :


At the end of this diploma, attendees will be able to systematically draw proper diagnosis of pulpal and periapical diseases and be competent to perform the different therapeutic procedures involved in surgical and non-surgical root canal treatment with different modalities that enable keeping the teeth functional with the oral cavity.


The program consists of 9 modules as follows:

Module 1: Basic endodontics (Diagnostics and Case selection aspects)

This module will cover the following topics:
• Pulp microbiology & Endodontic Diseases
• How to do diagnostics tests
• Radiographic examination & Cone Beam Computed Tomography in endodontics,
• Patient management and case selection
• Root canal system morphology,
• Interpretation of radiographic views & Discussion on clinical cases
• Application of vitality tests
• Reading CBCT images and some application tasks

Module 2: Basic Endodontics 1

This module will cover the following topics:
• Magnification in Endodontics,
• Vital Pulp therapy
• Local Anesthesia,
• Tooth Isolation
• Access Cavity Preparation and its variations
• Pulp capping & Pulpotomy on extracted teeth
• Access cavity on different extracted teeth with different scenarios & different modalities
• Rubber dam application with different techniques
• Removal of simulated pulp stones

Module 3: Basic Endodontics 2

This module will cover the following topics:
• Working length determination
• Fundamentals of Cleaning & Shaping
• Principles of Rotary Systems (Modern V Traditional)
• Irrigation during cleaning and shaping (A-Z)
• Endodontic sealers
• Obturation of the root canal system using different techniques
• Cleaning and shaping of root canals (curved and severely curved) of extracted teeth using at least two rotary systems (single-file and multi-tapered systems)
• Root canal obturation using Lateral condensation technique
• Root canal obturation using Continuous wave Compaction technique
• Root canal Obturation using core-based technique (thhermafil)

Module 4: Retreatment & Restoration of Treated Teeth

This module will cover the following topics:
• Evaluation of Treatment outcome & etiology of endodontic failure
• Indications and contraindications of endodontic retreatment
• Methods for removal of old restorations (coronal & core material)
• Methods for removal of root canal filling materials.
• Removal of core material using low speed burs and ultrasonics tips
• Removal old root canal filling material using hand-files
• Removal of old filling material using low speed drills
• Removal of old filling materials using retreatment rotary systems
• Bypass ledges

Module 5: Advanced Endodontic Retreatment

This module will cover the following topics:
• Intra-canal fracture of endodontic instruments; factors contributing
• Management of fractured instruments; Options & Techniques (A-Z)
• Removal of intra-canal metallic and fiber posts and silver cons
• Management of calcified canals
• Removal of silver cones with different scenarios (long and short cones)
• Removal of fractured files by ultrasonics, tube technique and micro-extractors
• Removal of intra-canal posts (metal and fiber) using low speed drills and ultrasonics Bypass fractured files
• Exploring calcified canals using ultrasonics

Module 6: Endo surgery & Application of Biocompatible materials (MTA or Bioceram)

This module will cover the following topics:
• Regenerative endodontics & management of immature teeth
• Endodontic microsurgery (A-Z) (apexectomy, perforation, root amputation)
• Tooth reimplantation
• Laser application in endodontics
• Repair of bifurcation and canal perforation perforation by MTA or Bioceram
• Application of MTA or Bioceram for pulp revascularization in immature teeth
• MTA or Bioceram, plug of apical third of open apex teeth
• Apicectomy in simulated cases

Module 7: Endodontic emergencies and Traumatic injuries

This module will cover the following topics:
• Management of endodontic emergencies
• Management of traumatic injuries (including splint techniques)
• Endodontic-Periodontic Interrelationship & Management of endo-perio lesions
• Management of Root resorption
• Bleaching of teeth
• Tooth replacement and splint application
• Retrograde cavity preparation and out-of-socket procedures for for reimplantation
• Internal bleaching procedures

Module 8: Restoration of Endo treated teeth and Single Implant insertion

This module will cover the following topics:
• Tooth restorability & endodontic consideration before final restoration.
• Updates in core-build up materials and bonding to tooth structure.
• Intra-canal post types and consideration for application.
• Single implant consideration (A-Z)
• Intracanal post space preparation & Placement of fiber posts
• Core composite application
• Crown preparation
• Implant insertion

Module 9: Theoretical, Oral & Practical Exam