A school where individuals can meet, talk, and share.


Honor’s President: Kerstin Galler
Head and Director: Sarah Attal Stym Popper – Anne Charlotte Flouriot – Caroline Trocmé

EndoSophie, Endodontics, and Philosophy.


Our approach can be described as philosophical – a school of philosophy in which individuals are encouraged to meet and think, together.

This constitutes self-improvement, which in turn calls for a change in each person’s mindset.

Engaging in philosophy entails us being visible.
We are developing a teaching concept that is not an end but a means, in the Anglo-Saxon tradition of utilitarianism, pragmatism, and empirical philosophy, in which everything that is real is of interest.

Endosophie is building up a store of knowledge, and passes on knowledge which this department seeks to organise.
We deal with all kinds of topic here, and build bridges between them all.
We connect them together, either from a historical point of view or in terms of what they have in common from a developmental point of view.
And working on that basis, we then put together our method for teaching and transmission.


Do you want to prepare a lecture or put together a class?

Ask us for a literature review; we’ll send you a suggestion for getting organised and thinking around the topic of your choice.


Endodontics knowledge library.
This ever-expanding library, updated 4 times a year, covers current topics – with reference to the archive data that makes up our collected knowledge.

Closed group, run by the entire Management committee.

> Head of department: Sarah Attal Stym Popper
> Co-directors: Anne-Charlotte Flouriot, Caroline Trocmé, Zeina Abdelaziz
> Updated quarterly.


It is possible to register for endodontics literature review seminars on topics requested by the school’s members.

Open group, run by the entire Management committee.

> Directeur : Caroline Trocme

In partnership with TDO University, San Diego

TDO website university, donne un accès , en anglais, aux articles, cas cliniques et informations relatives à l’endodontie, telle qu’elle est vécue et pratiquée aux Etas Unis. Vous pouvez souscrire à TDO University directement ou profiter de notre accès via l’école, dans un échange franco-américain au sein de nos revues de littératures ouvertes aux membres de l’école.


Vous souhaitez préparer une conférence? Monter un cours?

Demandez nous une revue de littérature et nous vous enverrons une proposition d’organisation, de réflexion autour de la thématique de votre choix.

Kerstin Galler

Honor’s president
Prof. Dr. med. dent., Ph.D., senior Chief Doctor at the Polyclinic for Restorative Dentistry and Parodontology, divisional management Endodontology.
Scientific main focus: Revitalisation, Regeneration of the dental Pulp, Dental Pulp stem cells, Funktionalization of Hydrogel-biomaterials für applications in the range of Tissue Engineering