Sharing more than head knowledge


Honor’s President: Jim Gutmann
Head and Director: Sarah Attal Stym Popper

The way our work at Endosophie is structured develops genuine, specific skill in endodontics.
It ensures knowledge is learned and constantly renewed through contact with peers eager to discuss and share – including industrial partners.
Endosophie is already extending its reach into researching endodontics literature.
All of the topics discussed aspire to raise the level of critical thinking and understand the choices we make in our experience in endodontics.

Endosophie does not issue diplomas; rather, those who come to us do so because they find themselves in agreement with the teaching methods used – methods that meet the needs of active practitioners and address the questions of younger practitioners seeking additional training.

A word from Jim Gutmann

Honorary vice-chancellor of Endosophie

Dental education, whether it requires 4, 5 or 6 years in formation is one of the most difficult educational experiences, as it demands mastering knowledge in-depth, developing and refining psychomotor skills, developing acute diagnostic and judgment skills, while learning how to provide compassionate treatment to human beings, many who will present in pain. Therefore, and in addition, the graduating dental student must also be able to be somewhat of a psychologist for a wide range of people, an attentive listener and an educator to be able to bring the patient’s understanding of good dental care to the forefront of their daily habits; and these qualities do not even begin to address the need for a business acumen and other necessary traits to be a successful dental professional. Sadly, dental schools do not have the time, money nor the expertise to provide formation in all of these areas, as students are rushed to finish projects, while memorizing facts that have not been carefully culled out for them by many faculty who can only teach the way they were taught.  In some respects this could be like the blind leading the blind. True dental educators are rare. Hence, what is necessary for the fledging neophyte and in some respects even for the more advance dental professional is “next level of educational experiences” that can springboard these young and hungry minds and wishful clinicians who wish to achieve at a higher level. An intermediate level of challenges, defined by synthesis, analysis and problem-solving based on a true understanding of the underlying clinical, scientific and biological bases for the provision of quality dental care is essential and desirable. The accredited dental schools, while making claims of greatness, cannot achieve these goals, especially in the face of rapidly expanding biological principles and technological advances.

The origins of Endosophie

First appearance: February 26, 2016 at the Garancière Faculty of Odontology, Paris VII.
Presentation by the director: Sarah Attal Stym Popper during a meeting between Paris VII and Acta.Amsterdam as part of the Paris VII university diploma in endodontology.

May 22-23, 2016:
First session of season 1 at Dentsply Sirona in Ballaigues, Switzerland.
The first session has always taken place there, ever since.

October 20, 2016:
Founding of literature reviews, coordinated by Sarah Attal Stym-Popper in collaboration with Caroline Trocmé, Anne Charlotte Flouriot, Arnaud Deturmeny, and Anne Sophie Deroo.
At present, four reviews a year are held, at 76 Avenue de la Bourdonnais in the 7th arrondissement of Paris.
One or two topics are addressed every year.
An ever-expanding digital library is set up.

February 23, 2017:
Integration of Tara Mc Mahon, Julien Thomas, Fouzia Bousseta, and Frédéric Bohin in the literature reviews.

May 2017:
– First “Endosophy: What’s up” article under Endodontics in issue 357 of Clinic. 4 articles published each year, in a format specifically created by the editors for Endosophie.
– One clinical case and the related endodontics references for study.
– Help with treatment decision-making.
In collaboration with Franck Decup and Guillaume Jouanny

June 20, 2017:
Founding of the Equipment and New Developments department, run by Frédéric Bohin in collaboration with Julien Thomas.

September 2017:
Partnership with “Clinic-all” lifelong learning; creation of a full endodontics cycle for ordinary general practice, focusing on learning endodontic techniques, starting by improving existing knowledge.

February 8-9, 2018 & May 31-June 1, 2018:
First session of season 2, in an art gallery in Paris’ 6th arrondissement: Galerie Ann et Just Jaeckin, 19 rue Guénégaud. 75006.

May 4, 2018:
– Founding of the Endosophie teaching department.
– Endodontics literature research.
– Development of a format for writing and lecture preparation aimed at developing the best possible transmission of knowledge.
– The concept of learning interaction and increasing individual skills, based on each person’s knowledge base.
Honorary vice-chancellor: Jim Gutmann
Head of department: Sarah Attal Stym Popper

May 8, 2018:
Integration of Kerstin Galler in the endosophy literature reviews.
Honorary head of department.