An alternative approach to endodontics


Head and Director: Sarah Attal Stym Popper – Zeina AbdelAziz, Anne Sophie Deroo
Academic staff: Endosophic staff members

This training program is for general practitioners who would like to increase their level of competence in endodontics (clinical and technical). It is therefore not dedicated to those who want to exercise endodontics full time.

The  goal is to learn how to manage cases in a pragmatic way, in the combined interest of patients and practitioners, using technologies based on well-constructed, critically-informed knowledges.

The vocation of the school is to teach diagnosis and reach the best level we can in that field if view.

The teaching method is based on a notion of time evaluation, rhythms in a spirit of play and exchange that make the work fundamentally positive and funny.


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At this intermediate level, Endosophy gives two courses. One in Paris ( from October to October), in the french province (from januar to januar). We work for small groups from 5 to 16 . And we provide one teacher for 4 participants.

ENDOSOPHY PARIS is specially made for the students; those who would like to have an approach of the practice full time of endodontics. Indeed, The international diploma provides some exchanges with this intermediate level ,and some courses will be mixed with them.

the goal of ENDOSOPHY PROVINCE is to meet the dentists all over the French country. So we move to different town . One town a year and 3 sessions in there.
2020 : la Rochelle    /   2021 : Bordeaux ou Bastia ( à confirmer)

Endosophy Province and Endosophy Paris share the same program, in the particular filed of the province sessions, we focus on the clinical practice and provide a formation totally adapted to the needs of the practionners based on questionnaires.

Program below.


This season is the mandatory opening season: the gateway into the training department. We’ll teach you to manage your diagnoses and plan your cases – and get to know you, individually, taking your personal expectations and goals into account from the outset.

Conservative dentistry / Pulp preservation/Initial treatment/New filling concept (Updated critical analysis)

> Diagnosis. Clinical. X-ray.
> Decision-making strategy. Seminars.
> Technique: pulp preservation materials/Choice of instruments/Endodontic treatment of the maxillary molar.

NEXT SESSION: September 13-14, 2018
VENUE: Dentsply Sirona, Ballaigues, Switzerland.
Travel cost and nights accommodation included from Paris. September 12, 6:00pm to September 14, 8:00pm


Active self-employed or salaried practitioners
> Junior practitioners with less than 5 years’ experience: special rates
> Special sessions for students / 4th year level required.


As of this season, you can choose your own course, to suit your needs. Don’t hesitate to consult this section regularly, as the subjects for sessions change depending on requests and new developments in endodontics. You can even help expand it!

Session 2.1: Endodontic treatments: from pulp preservation to traditional treatments

> Repeat treatment
> Treatment or extraction
> Prevention and treatment of failures
NEXT SESSION:  February 7-8, 2019  / June 6-7, 2019
VENUE: 19 rue Guenegaud, 75006 PARIS


Session 2.2: Traumatology; basic knowledge regarding pulp repair. Managing trauma. Anticipating future developments.

> Dealing with emergencies.
> Learning about monitoring and treatment.
> Preserving immature permanent teeth.

NEXT SESSION:  dates pending
VENUE: Dentsply Sirona France, 7ter, rue de la Porte de Buc 78000 VERSAILLES, Gare de versailles Chantier

Session 2.3: Everything You Always Wanted to Know About instruments But Were Afraid to Ask!

Conservative dentistry and procedural errors
> High Technology and the use of new software.
> The reasoned choice of instruments.
NEXT SESSION :  April 4–5, 2019

Session 2.4: Surgery and endodontics. Management of periodontal defects. Surgical risk.

> This very specific session, which involves an outside lecturer, is available on a demand basis only.
> Session available in English.

Dates depending on demand.


Session 2.2: Traumatology and clinical cases

Day1: Diagnosis, Prognonosis, Treatment

Day2: Clinical day: post your cases and we will bring ours, for a big sharing day. We will discuss about those clinical cases and will take a time to go back on the previous knowledges we did lean together.
15 & 16 april 2020: La Rochelle


> Active self-employed, freelance or employed dental practitioner with more than 5 years of clinical experience
> Young practitioners with less than 5 years of clinical experience could apply but have a special rate
> Special sessions for undergraduate students


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